Do you know the phrase “ways to make money online” has 33 thousand searches per month with over 3.8 million search result on google? It shows the rate at which people are really in search of a passive income.

There are different categories of people searching for ways to make money online such as those who couldn’t get a job, the nursing mothers, and those that are not satisfied with their earnings to mention a few. Over the years there has been a debate on the authenticity of online ways of making money.

But the truth remains that there are legit ways in which you can still make money online, but you have to be more careful while searching because there are many scam sites online. A lot of people has fallen victim of fake site offering ways to make money.


I’ve been a victim several times, and I know what it feels like to invest one’s time and resources only to find out you’ve been scammed. Don’t be fooled by sites that claim you can make money within seconds of becoming a member.

Creative Ways to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

MAKE MONEY ONLINE doesn’t come as easy as you think it is. It demands your time, attention and some, your money for startup capital. Online business or job isn’t for the weak but the brave. 

Why am I telling you all this? I’ve experienced a lot from online business and jobs. I’ve been scammed severally, and that could have been my excuse for giving up on online ways of making money. But guess what? I didn’t give up.

I’ve heard several words like, it can’t work out for you, you can’t make it online, online ways of making money isn’t reliable, it is vague and many more. But I’m proud to tell you I’m a living witness of those who makes ends meet from online business.

20 Effective Ways to Make Money Online

Do you want to find out how a poor student like me turns out to have thousands of dollars in my account? Kindly sit back and read every bit of this article as I’m going to share my experience with you on each section.

Without further ado, let’s quickly run through some of the legit ways in which you can make money online. Fortunately, you can start some of them without spending a dime.

1. Design Selling (Mug, Tee Shirt, Phone Cover)

How to earn money selling design online?

Some years back after gaining admission to college, I sought for ways to make money to take up some responsibilities on my own. While surfing, I came across a site called Teespring. I guess that doesn’t sound strange to you if you are familiar with MBA.

I guess you know what the site or platform is all about? If not, it is a platform where you can design t-shirts with other options such as a mug, phone cover, towel and many more. You don’t need a startup capital as all that is required of you is to register to become a member.

All that you have to do on the site is to design and publish your design. The rest is to be done by Teespring such as printing the shirt and delivering it to the buyer. You get a commission for every piece of a t-shirt sold, and that is how you earn on the platform.

There are many other similar sites to Teespring such as Teepublic which is recently purchased by Redbubble at about $54 million and many others. You can also check TeeChip as well.

The question is did I make money with Teespring? I’m sorry the answer is no. I’m a poor designer, and I did have some designs up and running on the platform, but I never sold a piece of my t-shirt design.

What exactly am I doing wrong is the question that pops up in my mind whenever I see less attractive designs having hundreds of sales on the platform. I did my research, and I realize you have to make some social advertisement for your t-shirt to get it to the front of potential buyers.

Good news! I got some t-shirt sold after making a few Facebook ads for my t-shirt. Then I realize you don’t have to be an expert to design your t-shirt. Just do your research on things that might be of interest to some individuals or group of people and make the design.

Run Facebook ads for the t-shirt design and sit back to see your commission roll into your account even when while sleeping.

Where can I sell my t shirt designs like TeeSpring?

Early April 2018, I found a site called Merch by Amazon. The website is similar to Teespring, but it has an advantage over Teespring in such that Amazon has millions of traffic to their website and you are likely to get your t-shirt sold even without any advertisement.

The only setback with the platform is that you can only join on the invitation. Once you register, it takes up to three weeks to nine months before you are extended approval to the platform or rejection. I was lucky to get approved just three days after I applied.

The account was dormant from April to May all because I still don’t know how to design. Around July I read the news about Donald trump visiting London and the mayor of London endorsing the release of Trump balloon in the air to welcome him.

I checked online, and I saw the design of the balloon. I got one from online, do some little editing and published on the platform. Boom! I sold 14 t-shirts of the design overnight. In June, I sold 150 pieces of them, and I earn close to $550 after removal of tax despite having lots of competitors for the design.

I got my first payment through my Payoneer account on the 28th of July, and since then, it has become a passive income for me. Guess what will happen during the Halloween and Christmas season.

2. Video Editing & Animation

video editing

If I can make some money with video editing, I see no reason why you can’t make money too. I started my training with camera handling and advance to editing videos with the use of Adobe premiere pro. Mind you; there is other software which can be used to edit video aside from Adobe.

The bottom line is that you have to know how to use software to edit videos before you can ever dream of making money from it online. There are platforms online where you can make your service known to people who are likely in need of your services.

Go to platforms like Fiverr, freelancer, Upwork, Fivesquid and become a member. The very mistake most people do is that they run after making a profit without building a name or brand for themselves. Of course, there are hundreds of people in search of video editors, but no one is ever going to hire you if they know nothing about you.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything?

How then can you make money from this platform? Do a quick search of available projects and bid for some. You are going to get a lot of competitors as bidders, and you should try to beat down your asking price below others to increase your chances of getting the work.

You need good reviews on these platforms to start making money steadily. It takes time to get your first customer, but you can hasten your progress. All you have to do is to create another account on the platform. Order your services yourself and give yourself good reviews. Order for at least ten times leaving positive reviews using a different account. You can thank me later for this secret.

It worked for me on Fiverr, and I did make some cool money with video editing. The same applies to animation. You can make money following the same process as discussed with video editing.

3. Content Writing

earn money doing content writing

Do you know you can make money with writing articles? I did make my cool money with writing articles, and the truth is that I’m still making money with it. Just like every other person, I started as a novice, and now I can confidently say I’m a professional.

It all got started with searching for platforms online where I can work as a freelance writer. During my search, I got to find out some such as:

The truth remains that it takes more extended period before you can make money using the listed platforms and I was so desperate to start earning with my writing skills. I went straight to Facebook and joined many groups such as content writers needed, niche site pursuits, grow your site, human proof design, and white hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to mention a few.

content writing service

After joining the groups, I gave free offers to those in need of content for their site with a deadline to it. I got over 100 people who want to get my free offer. I made the list of the 20 lucky winners, and I wrote 800 words article for each of them.

I went back to the group and instructed them to give a report of my writing skills and as well make a recommendation. That same week, I got 20 orders of articles from the people I gave free offers. That is how I started earning with content writing.

Till date, there are still offers on Facebook from those who need contents, and you can make good use of the opportunity to make money. Many people are making their end meet from content writing, and I’m a living witness.

I improve my Fiverr credibility by asking those I write for from Facebook to pay me by ordering from any of my Fiverr service links. That helps me get more positive reviews, and I moved from a new seller to level one within two months.

Therefore the bottom line is that content writing business is a legit way of making money online. You have to choose a platform, do your research on the platform and treat every client nicely for them to give you good reviews and as well use your service over again.

4. Web Development

Starting your career as a freelance web developer can be an excellent way for you to make money online. However, it requires that you learn to code before you can offer such services. There are some vital coding you need to learn such as JavaScript, CSS, C++, PYTHON, and HTML.

A web developer must understand the different programming languages to work optimally. You need to understand the way programming works as that determine one's performance with building a site. Learning a programming language is very difficult, and it takes time to understand.

how to earn money from web development?

Once you finally get to know how coding works, you are on your way to make a fortune with developing sites. There are freelance sites where you can offer your services such as freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork and many others where you get to earn for designing websites.

There are other ways in which you can make money as a web developer online if you have little or no knowledge of coding by creating WordPress sites. There are significant numbers of people that want to build their WordPress sites for blogging and affiliate marketing.

Get on platforms where your service is needed and offer the best you can. Don’t be too anxious to make money at first. You should strive to get your badge, be consistent and diligent with what you do and you will make your money.

5. Android & iOS Apps Developement

earn money through apps development

With the advancement of lifestyle and technology, people have become too much dependable on various electronics. A mobile phone is such an important device that we can’t live without. The use of a phone is not only limited to calls nowadays; We use dozens of apps for various purposes. Thus, there has a huge market of Android apps and iOS apps development that you can learn to make money.

You can build your career on apps development industry. Certainly, you can make a decent amount of money, if you become a good application developer. Because the industry is huge and growing larger everyday. If you are searching the best legit way to make money online, apps development can be the best option for you.

Both you can work as freelance developer or work for a company as well. If you check the freelance marketplaces, you will find hundreds of jobs available related to Android and iOS apps development. Though I work as a web developer, but I check this category often and I regret sometimes for not being an apps developer.  

If you know, how to make an app for both iPhone and android? You can make your fortune within a very short time. Because clients nowadays offer this type of job regularly. One interesting thing I noticed, if they have Android apps, they want iOS version as well. Basically, this is amplifying the opportunity for the developers.

If you can develop for iOS and android at the same time, you have good opportunity to make a handsome amount of money by converting Android to iOS or iOS to the android version. Cross-platform mobile app development is being popular that is a good sign for the app’s developers.

6. Internet Marketing

how to earn money through internet marketing?

The truth is that no business can thrive without marketing. Most people have seen the impact or influence of internet marketing on a business which is why they seek for ways to incorporate it into their business plan.

This is where internet marketers get to make money. Internet marketing includes web design, SEO, email and social media with some other internet related methods. If you know how to design a site, there are many people in need of your service.

You can also get to freelance websites like Upwork, freelancer and Fiverr to get your services known to potential customers. Even if you have SEO knowledge, you are going to make enough money online. No website can survive without proper SEO in place.

Websites needs On-page SEO and Off-page SEO to get ranked on google, and if you can offer such service, you are going to make the right amount of money. SEO analysts earn so much, but you need to create a connection.

If you want to learn SEO, SMM or need an SEO, SMM specialist, you can contact me using the contact form. I provide SEO, SMM, Web Design-Development & Content Writing Service.

The same applies to social media services and email marketing. Social awareness and email marketing have a lot to say about the progress of a business which is why business owners always need the services.

Join groups on Facebook to advertise your service, create a page and run a Facebook campaign to send people of same interest to your page. Post daily on what you offer and how it helps business growth. Don’t disappoint your customers and always tell them to recommend your service to others.

7. CPA (Cost Per Action)

earn from CPA marketing

CPA is a part of Internet Marketing, where you are committed to a CPA network that you will surely make some sales for them through Internet Marketing and they will pay commission for every action you made. Its quite similar to Affiliate Marketing, but the difference is in affiliate marketing, you work with a single vendor, where CPA network offers multiple vendors to work with at the same platform. A few marketers consider CPA as a branch of affiliate marketing. 

The most interesting part of CPA marketing is, you can make money even you don’t sell anything. Few CPA networks offer a commission for simple action like sign up on a website, submit an email to a website or downloading an app as well. Max Bounty, Click Booth, CPA Lead, AdWork Media are some popular CPA networks that help you earn money online without investing anything.

What is CMP (Cost per Mile) in Internet Marketing?

CPM is a similar way to making money online like CPA that pays you for 1000 impressions you made for a specific website or product. Most of the time software or apps developers list their products in CPM ad networks and they offer near about 10$ for 1000 impressions.

Bloggers with a large amount of traffic on the website participate on CPA and CPM networks. Its easier to make money with these types of networks while you are sleeping. Even you can make money without any website just doing social share, blog comment and forum posting sometimes.

When you join and select a CPM offer, you will get a customized link. You need to share that link to get leads. More you will spread the link, more impressions you will get and they will pay for every 1000 impressions you made.

Popular CPA Networks:

  1. MaxBounty
  2. Click Dealer
  3. Peerfly
  4. ClickBooth
  5. Crak Revenue
  6. AdWork Media
  7. Matomy Media
  8.  W4 CPA Network

8. eBook Selling

eBook Selling

The very first thing I told my fiancée after I discovered she has the talent and skills to write fictions, science, and kids related content is to stop writing for fun. She never listened to me, and I choose not to raise the issue anymore.

Do you care to know my next move? I became her number one fan, and I instructed her to always share her articles with me. Whenever she does, I’ll read through and get an attractive front cover design on Fiverr with the title of the content in front of it.

I’ll convert the article into a pdf format and go on platforms like Amazon and some others to sell the book. I didn’t tell her what I was doing with all those articles. After some months, I gave her the accumulated payments I got from Amazon for the sales of those books.

She was amazed and took it immensely, and since then, it has been a source of passive income for her. Apart from the money earned from Amazon, there are some we got from selling locally after running ads on Facebook, sharing on twitter and some other social platform.

There are lots of people like her out there. If you have a writing skill and you still write for fun, it is right time for you to start earning online with your skills.

9. Graphic Jobs

graphic design jobs

If you are good with graphic works, you can make a fortune out of it. Just like I said earlier, I have to hire someone to design the front cover of my eBook and that cost me about $10. There are more services you can offer such as creating a business logo, banner, and a t-shirt with all others graphic works.

If you are very good at this, you will surely make money with this skill. There are many people in need of t-shirt designs for platforms like Redbubble, Teespring, and Merch Amazon. You will be amazed by the demand for a t-shirt design, and that is why you need to get your services online.

If you want to start making money online without wasting time to get social awareness, you need to offer free services. Go to groups on Facebook related to graphics and meet new people to get a connection. Pitch your services in some groups. You never can tell, your first client might be there waiting for you.

10. Blogging

how to earn money by blogging?

It is the standard way to make money online. But it isn’t as easy as you think it is. Let me choose one crucial aspect of it and share my experience with you. What I’m about to tell you is all about niche site affiliate marketing.

Just this last week, I sold a niche site that earns $1500 monthly at about $32K. I’m not giving this figure to entice you or motivate you to jump into affiliate marketing.

It is challenging, but if done rightly, you will have to yourself a source of passive income on a monthly basis. It all starts with niche research and keyword research. You need to get a hosting account and purchase a domain.

You need to install WordPress on it, and you are set to go. You are to write quality articles on each keyword you are promoting and find products related too to promote. Install all necessary plugins that are needed to get the site working correctly.

Once you have the site running and equipped with articles, you can monetize it through Google Adsense, or through Amazon affiliate. Once you get any product sold through your website, you get a commission for each of the products sold.

There are other means you can earn with blogging such as creating forum sites, news site, entertainment site but you have to monetize them to make money. Over the years it has proven to be a legit way of making money and people are still earning online from it.

11. Affiliate Marketing 

how to earn money from affiliate marketing?

To me, it’s like a game! Really an interesting way to earn a decent amount of money using your popular blog website. If you get a good amount of traffic in your blog, you can play the game easily.

You just have to find a similar product related to your niche and tell something good about the product to your readers. You can recommend them to purchase the product. You will get a preset amount of percentage from every successful purchase made by your readers.

Both physical and digital or virtual product selling companies nowadays are offering affiliate programs to increase their sales. Internet marketers are taking this advantage to earn handsome amount of money from different affiliate programs. You can join an affiliate program like Amazon, eBay Partner Program or ShareASale.

Which Affiliate Network is Best for Beginners?

If you do a little research, you can easily find some top paying affiliate programs that can change the fortune. Based on my experience Amazon affiliate program is the best affiliate programs for beginners. You can check Clickbank affiliate marketing and ShareASale affiliate marketing program to compare the benefits.

What is the Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

It’s really hard to declare which one is the best affiliate program that you should join. According to my research, all popular affiliate programs have enough potential that can push you near success. You just need to choose the perfect one depending on product quality. But I can assure you, digital products offer much affiliate commission than physical products.

Can I Really Make Money from Affiliate Programs?

I know some people who are making money from affiliate marketing programs with minimum or zero knowledge sometimes. They have good knowledge of Internet Marketing, they know how to reach to potential customers. You must need this asset, I mean good knowledge of internet marketing.

All you need to do is, hire a copywriter to write an engaging content for your website. You need to design an attractive looking landing page that converts. You are all done! Your next step is sending a visitor to your website. You can get organic traffic from search engines like Google or you can do paid marketing sometimes.

Following this simple steps, certainly, you can make money from an affiliate program. If you are thinking to start affiliate marketing, you must emphasize your internet marketing skill development. Because the lacking of Internet Marketing skill can kill all the afford, enthusiasm and make people failure.

List of Popular Affiliate Marketing Programs

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. eBay Partner Program
  3. AvantLink
  4. Affibank
  5. Avangate
  6. Comission Factory
  7. Click Bank
  8. Commission Junction

12. eCommerce

earn money from ecommerce

Creating e-commerce stores is another way for you to make money online. You can do that through WordPress site, install e-Commerce theme and get products to sell from Aliexpress using plugins like oberlo and many more.

If you don’t want to use a WordPress site, you can create your store on Shopify, but you have to pay a startup fee. Choose a product you will like to promote and build the store. Once you have the store running, you can just run ads to boost your chances of getting sales to earn more money.

Verdict: It is true that online means of making money is not safe due to the risk involved. But there are some that are legit which you can rely on to make an end meet. Don’t expect a continuous flow of the income you earn online.

There are times you will have no order, and you have to be ready for those seasons. If you are in search of the best and legit means to make money online, we’ve got you covered with the list of the best online business you should consider.

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